Animal Talks

Animal Talks is a monthly, active gathering of our communities dedicated to exploring the deep, loving relationship between us and and our animal companions.

Come join us! Share with us your stories, discuss challenges and explore important, local and global animal-rights  issues. We are also fully present and available by appointment for those seeking personal help and healing from a pet loss.

Animal Talks


When we gather each month, we light a candle, hold a brief meditation and remain present for those who are healing from a loss past or present. And we always have an interesting topic to explore.

Pet Ministry

Kaleel blessing a dog at Blessing of The Animals with Stratford Street United Church on feast day of Saint Francis.

Kaleel blessing a dog at Blessing of The Animals with Stratford Street United Church on feast day of Saint Francis.

The “Pet Ministry” part of Animal Talks is the heart of our community work. We are committed to helping seniors and their pets stay together, and welcome your help. We co-pastor Animal Blessings at various churches, help with animal memorials and give small group talks about animal welfare issues. And we are working toward creating an animal chapel that will be available at any time to any person or pet.

Grief counseling/companioning for people in need is also a critical part of our Pet Ministry. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, when you need us. You can find more information at Our services are free but donations are always welcome.



What’s On Your Mind?


Have a funny or sad story you want to share? A question about your pet? A topic you would like use to cover? Tell us!


About Us


“…should you or anyone in Boston need grief counseling due to the loss of a pet, Kaleel Sakakeeny does what I do in NY and NJ in your neck of the woods. He is brilliant and a true asset to the Animal Welfare world. "

Chaplain Matty Guiliano

Animal Talks and Pet Ministry are led by Kaleel Sakakeeny, Animal Chaplain & Credentialed Pet Loss/Grief Counselor. Kaleel is also certified in Animal Communication, EFT and Reiki. He has MA and MS degrees in Communication Arts and he loves to hear stories about our animals and our selves.

For personal companioning, counseling and resources for your loss, please visit

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Judith bird banding a female redwing blackbird

Judith bird banding a female redwing blackbird

Animal Talks and Pet Ministry Boston is assisted by Judith Robichaud, Consultant Designer and Social Media Manager. When she is not consulting she is busy in her studio painting or volunteering for Mass Audubon, The Trustees of Reservations and Roslindale Open Studios.

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