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We are a ministry, a global church without walls, committed to serving the planet and our community.

Our mission is to help those grieving the death of their pet, their animal companion. As a Pet Loss/Bereavement counselor and Animal Chaplain/Minister, I welcome all who are walking the grief journey; all who know the deep pain of losing an animal companion to death, whenever it happened.

We also believe in the sacredness of life and in all species of life. Our mission is to work for the rights of all animals, and to honor the profound connection between humans and animals.

Say "Hi" to Reverend Kaleel and Petey

Say "Hi" to Reverend Kaleel and Petey

Animal Talks

Animal Talks is our monthly discussion and meditation group where we have conversations about many interesting animal-related topics. Animal Talks is also a support group for those looking for help in the sadness and hurt after a pet passes. For anyone who needs to talk with people who care, who need the reassurance and comfort of others who have also lost and wept, Animal Talks welcomes you.

We are an open, caring, safe one-hour “coming together” for those who love animals, those with us here, or in spirit.

Come as you are, with whatever is on your mind. We meet from 5-6 pm every second Sunday of the month at the lovely Stratford Street Church in West Roxbury, MA.


Please either register below or email Reverend Kaleel at or

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What people are saying

Reverend Kaleel leading an Animal Talks Grief Workshop

Reverend Kaleel leading an Animal Talks Grief Workshop

“…should you or anyone in Boston need grief counseling due to the loss of a pet, Kaleel Sakakeeny does what I do in NY and NJ in your neck of the woods. He is brilliant and a true asset to the Animal Welfare world."

Chaplain Matty Guiliano

I’m an ordained Animal Chaplain and Credentialed Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor. I’m also an ordained minister. I won’t marry animals, but I can marry people and perform all kinds of other services!

I have an MA and MS degree, and certification in Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Animal Communication, which help me tremendously in my work with people, and animals.

Please contact me directly to talk. The death of your pet is too painful to go through alone!
Also, we have some very helpful discussions and topics on our Facebook page, and a lot of passion among our followers. Please take a look.

I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.
— Eckhart Tolle
Death is not the extinguishing of the light...It is the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come.
— Rabindranath Tagore
Kaleel’s insight, ready ear and easy-going nature often turn a simple conversation into a moment of self awareness and a potential outline for conflict resolution. You may start with a friendly cup of coffee but by the last drop he’s introduced you to a new perspective on how to look at specific issues or given you some added tools to address whatever may be of concern. Of course the work is up to you, but Kaleel’s approach makes it feel possible, and that’s half the battle.
— Lance Salemo
Kaleel has a very special listening skills…so few people have that..which means he knows just the right questions to ask...and those questions can lead to wonderful, exciting discoveries.
— Wendie Hansen
Working with Kaleel is very much a partnership thing. I love the way he listens, and the kinds of questions he asks are not always easy to answer, but are always very insightful. They teach me things about myself and I’m very happy to see that he too learns from me, and isn’t afraid to show that. A great coaching experience.
— Hank Diamond
You have done what others could not - So glad that this issue is now in a national publication via YOU! Grief is grief, no matter the species!
— D'Anna Fortunato, Jamaica Hills
So great to see what you’re doing here Mr. Sakakeeny. I read about your work in Catster. I know what’s it’s like to have a pet that’s your soulmate, like your Kyro.
— Ken

Reverend Kaleel Sakakeeny and Reverend Ann Bancroft of the Theodore Parker Church, Boston, leading the Blessing of the Animals. Rev. Kaleel also spoke about the power animals have to change our lives and make us better people.


Rev Kaleel’s also spoke to the church on the beauty and power of the connection between our beloved animals and our lives... those animal companions with us now, and those we love and remember in spirit

Kaleel During the Blessing the Animals-in-the-Field on the Feast of St. Francis Day

Rev Kaleel giving… and receiving blessings from the animals and their people.

Rev Kaleel giving… and receiving blessings from the animals and their people.


The yearly animal blessings is an event I look forward to deeply.

All those beautiful faces, the eyes of the people and their animal companions, gathered under the sky. I co-pastor this event with community faith leaders, and while the blessings can be in a church, I prefer the open field. We all belong in nature.

St. Francis reminds us that all is good and beautiful about our connection with our pets and we honor his lessons on the day of our animal blessings.

Watch this space for upcoming dates.

Cost info here:

As an Animal Chaplaincy and Ministry, we rely exclusively on donations based on each person’s ability to give. Thank You!


Our animals are always happy to see us. They delight in our presence, and they trust us and count on us totally. The loss of an animal friend is often the loss of knowing how to love innocently and the fear that we will not love that simply or totally again.

Listen to these touching audios about pet loss and animal communication

More Press About Kaleel and His Work



Animal Chaplain and Grief Counselor, Kaleel Sakakeeny, is interviewed here by Stacy LeBaron of Community Cats Broadcast.

Take a look, especially if you or someone you care for has lost a beloved animal companion

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What’s On Your Mind?

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