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nimals Talks: Boston's Pet Ministry




monthly parlor meditations
and conversations about the animals we love
and remember


WHERE: The Stratford St. United Church  
77 Stratford St, Boston (West Roxbury), MA 02132

WHEN: Second Sunday of every month at 5:00 pm


Animal Talks begins with a brief meditation, a candle lighting and reflection, an animal-oriented  poem, and getting to know the stories and questions about our amazing bond with our animal companions. We might discus: "How they are our teachers," "Ways they brighten our lives,"  "How to solve litter box problems...and when the time comes, how we move from hurt to healing.


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About us

Animal Talks is led by Kaleel Sakakeeny, Certified Pet Loss / Grief Counselor, Certification in Animal Communication, also Certified in Reiki, EFT (Tapping) & Life Coaching, MA and MS in Communication Arts

CONTACT:  |  617–818–1432

For personal companioning, counseling and resources for your loss, visit :